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When Sri T.Raghava Rao, a diabetic patient, developed bulging and redness of both eyes coupled with continuous watering, his family took him to an ophthalmologist in their native town, Tenali ,thinking that it was a problem related to the eyes. The ophthalmologist told him that he had an abnormal connection between the blood vessels of his eyes and would need a surgical treatment for the same and referred him to a neuro surgeon. When his symptoms worsened, resulting in diminished vision, they approached me in Manipal Hospital Vijayawada where a cerebral DSA (diagnostic cerebral angiogram) confirmed the problem as Carotid Cavernous Fistula (CCF).

He underwent coiling procedure where a microcatheter was superselectively advanced into the cavernous sinus by a transvenous approach. Through this microcatheter, coils were deployed into the cavernous sinus. Post procedure his eyes recovered gradually and he was discharged after a week of hospital stay.

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When Smt K.Krishna Veni, a resident of Guntur and a diabetic patient, developed weakness of the right side of her body along with speech difficulty, her family , unaware that it was a stroke took her to the nearest hospital. She was treated with appropriate medications, however, she suffered a second stroke in due time which resulted in slurring of speech. The family approached me and after conducting the necessary investigations, it was observed that she had critical narrowing of the blood vessels to the brain. Owing to this reason, she suffered a recurrent stroke despite being on optimal medications, and she was advised Brain Stenting.

Brain Stenting is beneficial to those with severe blockade of the blood vessels of brain. It is a minimally invasive technique and might not require general anesthesia . After the procedure, Smt K.Krishna Veni was able to return to her normal activities quickly and her weakness in the right side of the body reduced substantially.

Case Description

The following video contains stenting of three different segments of ICA Stenosis :

Case 1. When 50 year old Sri Tata Narasayya, a smoker and a diabetic patient, developed weakening of the right side of his body along with speech difficulty, his family approached a renowned neurologist in Vijayawada where all the necessary examinations were conducted including a carotid doppler. The problem was identified as Carotid Artery Stenosis and was referred to me for Carotid Artery Stenting. This procedure was conducted successfully and the patient showed signs of good improvement.

Case 2. When 50 year old Mrs. X (requested to be anonymous), a resident of Guntur and a diabetic, developed weakness of the left side of her body, her family consulted their family doctor. She was diagnosed with severe stenosis of Petrous ICA as a cause of her stroke and her case was referred to me. She underwent successful stenting of the petrous ICA that enabled her a better and prompt recovery.

Case 3. 60 year old Sri Hanumantha Rao B , a resident of Bhimavaram a diabetic & a smoker, developed weakness of the left side of his body.He was diagnosed with severe stenosis of Terminal ICA as a cause of his stroke . He underwent successful stenting of the Terminal ICA that enabled him to have a better and prompt recovery.

Smoking and Diabetes are a risk factors . I would advise one and all to opt for healthy food and lifestyle coupled with regular exercise.

Case Description

A 75 year old lady , presented with complaints of recurring headaches and constant lethargy. The initial diagnosis revealed that she suffered from aneurysm and she required surgical clipping to treat her condition. Their family physician suggested that coiling, a less cumbersome and a minimal invasive technique, would be a better option. Given her age, surgery would have been a riskier procedure. Further evaluation with a Cerebral DSA revealed that it was a wide necked aneurysm and would require Balloon assisted coiling.

The procedure was performed successfully to treat her condition . She was discharged in 6 days and is recuperating well.